Groups Ia lecture course

This blog will accompany my Groups lectures, which I am giving in the Mathematical Tripos in the University of Cambridge in Michaelmas Term 2014 (that is, October to December). It will help students explore the course material a little further for themselves. You can also look at the plan of the lecture chapters in advance.


2 thoughts on “Groups Ia lecture course

  1. It will be very useful,if you can leave the exact lecture note on the website or provide the link,since sometimes,I found it hard to copy down the lecture note because of the lightness of the projector and few of your notations(especially about the operator sign and some letters).


    • Dear Arthur, thanks for your comment, and I do understand your concern. However, it is part of your education to learn how to take lecture notes, so I will not be providing any lecture notes in general (only if someone has broken their arm and can’t write, perhaps). If you can’t read something in lectures, then do say so, as I can change it best then and there. I will do my best to write more clearly in future, but I may sometimes forget, and you can just remind me, that is perfectly allowed and I won’t get annoyed.


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