Slogan suggestions

When you come to revise your groups notes, either over Christmas or later in Easter Term, you may find some slogans and result names more useful than others. If you have any suggestions for different names, please do feel free to post them here. I can’t promise I’ll use them, because of course I did give mine quite a lot of thought, but I promise I’ll consider them :-).


Other people’s thoughts about teaching

I’m trying to find out what other people are thinking and have found some blogs by Tim Gowers which I find extremely interesting.

This one is about A-level teaching. But also about why understanding is far better than remembering!

This is about what well-defined really means. Since I’ve had a few questions about that, others may be interested.

If you have some thoughts about teaching (in particular Maths, perhaps), and none of my other teaching posts fit your answer, do feel free to comment here.