Other people’s thoughts about teaching

I’m trying to find out what other people are thinking and have found some blogs by Tim Gowers which I find extremely interesting.

This one is about A-level teaching. But also about why understanding is far better than remembering!

This is about what well-defined really means. Since I’ve had a few questions about that, others may be interested.

If you have some thoughts about teaching (in particular Maths, perhaps), and none of my other teaching posts fit your answer, do feel free to comment here.


What is the most important thing you learn at University?

A friend recently suggested to me that we should perhaps tell students earlier what she was told by her professor in Germany only in her third year or so.

The most important thing you learn at University is how to learn.

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What can lectures teach that a book can’t?

Some people learn much better from books than from lectures. That probably depends in part on the quality of the lecturer (and the book), but also on personal learning style and preferences. And that is not a problem: there are plenty of good books to learn from. What can a lecture give on top of this (apart from determining the “examinable material”, which should be a secondary or third (ternary?) consideration at most)? Continue reading