Maths is not a spectator sport.

Many mathematicians are very fond of saying that, and it is only too true! You cannot learn maths without doing maths. In this post I’m going to explain some different ways you can find and try of doing maths for different learning purposes.

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Mathematical definitions

Many students starting to study mathematics need some time until they realise the exact role of formal definitions in (esp. pure) mathematics. I love how Lara Alcock puts it: “when mathematicians state a definition, they really mean it.” (How to Study for a Mathematics Degree, OUP 2012, Chapter 3). Continue reading

Learning mathematics at Uni

This year, in my Groups IA course in Cambridge, I am trying to sprinkle my lectures with useful facts about how to think about mathematics, how to learn mathematics, and how to develop good intuitions as well as good working habits. I will try to post these thoughts on this blog as I go along. Most of these ideas come from a brilliant book by Lara Alcock, “How to Study for a Mathematics Degree”. To quote from her introduction: “Part 1 could be called ‘Things that your mathematics lecturer might not think to tell you.'”

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